Private Home Care, Inc.




Home care out and about: PHCI is happy to go shopping with you or to just go out and pick up what's on your list if you'd rather stay home. Taking time to go out and do your weekly shopping with a extra set of hands can be a fun time. 



Sometimes an extra pair of eyes and ears come in handy while seeing your primary doctor, specialist, lab technician, or for any other care or appointments.  We can be with you, to assist, and take notes if you'd like, or simply give emotional support.  Companionship takes on many forms.


Going out for a drive, maybe to the ocean

 A trip around town, on scenic back roads, along the coast--or even to visit a good friend in a neighboring town--a ride is a pleasant time to relax, take in the view, make a social call, or just simply being out to see what's happening in the world.  Belfast, Camden, Bucksport and beyond. 


Light housekeeping

PHCI will help with simple household tasks, such as dishes; sweeping; dusting; vacuuming, and tidying up, or perhaps you have a specific task around home you need a little extra help with. 


Spending Quality Time

The definition of quality time is time spent giving undivided attention. At PHCI our staff give quality one-on-one time with each client. Sometimes this entails playing games; taking  walks; assisting with a project; reading; conversation; as well as just sitting in silence if that is the desire of the moment. 


Meal Prep

PHCI staff is here to help you prepare your meals and snacks! Or we can fix your meal for you! Sometimes our clients like to plan ahead for a week or prepare several meals, and work out a menu for the week. We are here for you.  Maybe you'd prefer to skip the meal prep and go out to dinner, we'll be happy to join you and have quality time out together. 


Medication Reminders

PHCI will  help keep track of what your medication is, when you need it, and if/when it needs refilling.  We will assist you in taking it at the proper times.  We can even pick your medication up for you, or we can go to the pharmacy together.