Private Home Care, Inc.



Client Assessments

When you call our office, a coordinator will set up a time to meet with you.  We often come to your home, unless you have another preference for meeting. We will go over what your immediate needs for care or assistance are and outline a personalized home care plan together.    


Personalized Home Care Plan

We believe that each person and every case differs in both, lifestyle and needs.  After we've met, and have a general idea of the care requested, One of our coordinators will design a plan that maps out specifically the care we will provide.  We typically begin with an initial care plan for 30 days, after which will be updated and revised. 


Business Office


Private Home Care, Inc. accepts private pay, and all private insurances which cover our services. Our Business Office can submit invoices directly to your insurance provider. We have flexible billing schedules, and are able to bill on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our business office personnel in Belfast, Maine are here to serve you, and are available Monday through Thursday to answer questions, and address your concerns.



Our coordinators work as a team to provide the best care available! Coordinators make a schedule for each client based on individual need. Coordinator services make sure that each client is staffed with a caregiver match based on personality and preference. Once a schedule is developed, a coordinator will deliver a copy of to the client’s home, so the client knows who is coming, and when.

The perfect match

Client Staff Matching

It is important to us that you, and the caregiver who comes to help you in your home, are good matches for each other.  We make a point to address this aspect of care by communicating with our clients and staff, and by doing random check-ins in the home. 


Back-Up Staffing

We typically have at least two caregivers for each case so both will be familiar with the client and household routine.  With a variety of staff, both men and women, we try to get the perfect fit for everyone. 

Liaison Between Client and Staff

 Our coordinators work closely with all staff and clients to ensure everyone's needs are met. A coordinator can be reached 24-hours a day, even holidays and weekends.