Private Home Care, Inc.

Lisa Baker- Coordinator


Who is Lisa Baker


Hi, I’m Lisa and have been working as a Case Coordinator with Private Home Care Inc. in Belfast, Maine since 2016. I was born & raised in Long Island, NY. I then moved to Connecticut where I was fortunate to have lived 30 years & raise four incredible children.

I completed my CNA after college for Human Services, worked with the elderly in an adult care facility but after a few years chose to work with adolescents/young adults with special needs for many years. After I gained training & experience focusing on Child Abuse & Neglect I advanced into administration which led to Quality Assurance and Risk Management in Residential Care.

I transitioned into a new, unique program & worked full time as Case Manager in a program that provided subsidized housing for homeless adults with special need diagnosis, both medical and mental health. This program served clients ranging in age from 24 yrs to 72 years of age. Years later the program lost funding and sadly closed.

I enthusiastically relocated to Maine. I was encouraged in my employment search when my sister-in-law called about an ad she saw in the paper “Private Home Care Inc” Belfast, Maine “Case Manager position now available.”

I have been here since 2016 as  a full time Case Coordinator with Private Home Care, Inc. and loving it! I enjoy meeting new perspective clients and sometimes their families regarding the care needs and services Private Home Care can provide. I  enjoy scheduling for these needs, selecting staff to best "fit" and ensuring their services are delivered with a smile. I visit at least once each month with each of my clients, one who generally tells me "I like that you check up on me".  I work with a wonderful team of staff and clients and love what I do!!