Private Home Care, Inc.

Skilled Services



PHCI Home care services will assist you as much or as little as you need; whether that entails getting dressed from start to finish, or just getting those tricky turtle necks on. Our staff is here for you, day or night. 



Some individuals prefer to shower or bathe on their own without assistance, and would just like someone standing by; others prefer help from beginning to end.  Or you may simply need a little extra help as you're recovering from an injury or surgery or after return from rehab.   Our skilled services can provide the help you need.


Mouth Care

Oral health is an important part of everyone’s health. Good oral hygiene can prevent bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease.  Good oral hygiene includes cleaning of the mouth, teeth and dentures; removing any food that may be stuck between teeth, and plaque. Following good dental hygiene helps to keep you comfortable and healthy. Our caregivers can help you with gentle reminders or full assistance.  PHCI services are here for you. 


Scheduled Medication

Scheduled Medications are  medications that are prescribed by your doctor. PHCI employs several certified residential medication aids (CRMA), who can provide these skilled services. They handle all types of medications and put them up for you for a week or even a month.  This ensures that all medications follow the 8 rights of medication: Right Dose, Right Patient, Right Time, Right Route, Right Medication, Right Reason, Right Documentation,  and Right to Refuse.


Hospice Trained Services

Hospice care is for patients afflicted with a terminal illness, where the determined prognosis of life is  six months or less. People may outlive that time, and sometimes the prognosis is incorrect; hence the length of care time may go beyond six months. The focus of this type of care is to help the client be as comfortable as possible during their last days of life.  Private Home Care Inc. provides care, companionship, support and skilled services to clients and hospice healthcare staff. Private Home Care, Inc. work in collaboration with other agencies/organizations to support client centered wellness. Several of our caregivers have completed a certification program, through "Hospice Volunteers of Waldo County (HVWC)", located in Belfast, ME.