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She was able to care for my grandfather with such love and tenderness...


Greetings from outside Atlanta, Georgia. I am writing in regards to my grandfather, John Meyer, who recently passed away and was under the care of your services. I am bereft and still struggling with the loss of my grandfather (he was my last surviving grandparent), but am compelled to write to express my gratitude for your company’s services, and specifically the care he received from Jesse Rishani. Over the last year, I have heard about the lengths Jesse has gone to in order to keep my Grandfather comfortable and safe in his declining state. I imagine Jesse to be similar in age and status to me (a working mom of a few little kids!) and cannot imagine how she was able to care for my grandfather with such love and tenderness over the months. I know she traveled from far away and prioritized his care in a way that I would have had I been in a position to care for him in person. 

I never communicated directly with Jesse, but saw many texts and heard of calls about her status updates of my grandfather as our entire family resides outside of Maine. Not until he died did I see a picture of her holding his wheelchair from a few months ago and burst into tears. The gravity of his loss has just been so much for our family, but with that comes immense gratitude for the care he received. 

I think sometimes we think that as we age, we assume that our loved ones don’t care about their dignity, but it was so important for my grandfather to operate as much as he could –getting dressed with his pen in his pocket. Eating his breakfast, and when he could, engaging in stimulating conversation. During his decline, I know your staff upheld his dignity as much as they could as his body continued to fail him.

Please let Jesse know that her work did not go unnoticed by Grampa John’s entire family. I am eternally grateful for her caring for him as one of her own family. And I believe others in your company did the same, but know that Jesse was the one name that I continued to come up. My grandfather adored her, and felt safe with her…as did we. What a gift for us all to have in a most difficult time. 

Warm regards,

Alison Heintz

Facebook Reviews

Supporting my Dad...

"I cannot begin to thank you all enough for the care and support you gave to Dad. He truly enjoyed meeting and talking with every one of you. You brought me peace of mind when I was in Portland, and you went above and beyond to get Dad what he needed. You are very special people. Thank You." 


Perfect Companion

"I could not have kept Mac home as long as we did without your help. You are not only the perfect companion for someone like Mac, you were so kind and understanding with him. Thank you so much." 

- Priscilla 

Thank You from Northport

“With deepest gratitude for the loving care of my father and heartfelt support of family, caregivers & friends during his last dying days.

You will remain in my thoughts forever for the truly amazing work you do.”

-G.C. Northport

Dear Ellen,

Dear Ellen…thank you for the care you provided for my mother during the final weeks of her life. The ladies assigned to care for my mother and your individual involvement were lifesavers for our family. You provided cheer…competent care…and much-needed respite and support to me.

-K.W., July 7, 2017

Three Years with more to come!

“My parents have been clients of Private Home Care for about three years now. They have given my folks the extra care and support needed to help them stay independent. They have enriched my folk’s lives with humor and love. Scheduling is very flexible, to meet needs as they come along. I would strongly recommend them.” 

-Betsy Rockwell

Community Helpers

“Thank you for all the care and support you’ve given to our family throughout Kathy’s illness. Your friendship and all the delicious meals, cards, and flowers helped brighten a very difficult time for our family. We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful community of friends here in Belfast.” 

-J. French, 2017

When emergency's occur your there...


“From care in the home and being so attentive to Deborah and her needs, there was no better care provided. When an emergency occurred due to a fallen tree, you were there for comfort and even moved her to a better surroundings until things got taken care of. Thank you!”

-Ronald Marlowe, 5/17/19


Google Reviews

Blessed was the day that I came across the link for PHC

December 2, 2017

Dear Jesse and everyone else at PHC who cared for my dad with such dedication and compassion,

Though I am still reeling from my father’s death, every time I look at the picture of his hand being held tight as he slipped away, I feel such comfort and gratitude for you all coming into his life. Blessed was the day that I came across the link for PHC on Google and called you. We were feeling so helpless about getting Dad good care up there that was reliable and that he/we would feel trust in. He was so lost without my mother, and so alone up there, but we knew he would never leave that house, or his beloved town without his heart breaking in two. And then we found you. 

How ever would he, and we, have gotten by without you? You not only cared for his daily needs, but brought comfort, warmth and lively company into his life. He was about to share his life and all that he loved and found fascinating with you and you listened with genuine interesting and caring. It is because of you all that we were able to keep our promise (that we made to ourselves as much to him) to keep him out of a nursing home or move him at such a vulnerable time in his life.

While he was in rehab facility after his stroke, so lost and dispirited, you visited and comforted him when we could not, and helped us come up with a solution that allowed him to come back home. You all stayed by his side, unwavering in you dedication to him, until the very end. You became and remained family to him and to us. During each and every one of our daily talks, he would talk about the wonderful meals you made for him, the conversations he shared, the books you read together, how happy he was that you did things just the way he felt comfortable having them done (and he could be pretty persnickety about that!), the ways in which you stepped in to help him during little and big emergencies, and how much he appreciated that you really “got” him. When he could no longer make reasonable decisions about his care, you found a way to reach and help him.

As I write this, I realize that there are no words that can express the gratitude I feel for each and every one of you. You advocated for him, comforted him, and went above and beyond anything we could have wished for to help him as his life wound down to an end. As I drove away from his home on the last day that I saw him, I could not have been able to bear the sadness had I not known you were there for him. I greatly admire you all and your commitment to maintain every aspect of his wellbeing, as well as whom you are as people. I will never, ever forget you and all that you did for him. You have an ardent fan (actually, 6 of them!) for life. 

My very best to you…

Dilys Burk

Hospice Care...

"I want to express to you and to your staff my appreciation for the loving care and comfort you provided to my cousin in her home from the time she was placed on Medicare Hospice until the day of her death. You and your employees were not only professional in all your actions but also were responsive to her needs and wishes and totally in harmony with the philosophy of hospice care. 

In addition, I wish to express my gratitude for the peace of mind you provided me in that you were always available to problem solve with me regarding any issues impacting the care provided by you and your employees. 

Please know that I am more than happy to have you use me as a reference for anyone requesting your services. I will gladly testify to the dependability, reliability, and excellent quality of care you provide." 

- Susan Davis, RN

My Care was amazing...

This service (Private Home Care, Inc) was literally a life saver for us. We were very happy with the services provided , admittedly under very trying circumstances. Holly and Melanie gently inserted themselves just to the extent needed, into our personal private lives. 

-Dr. Tim Hughes, M.D. 

February 27, 2019

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A Godsend to our Family...

“A godsend. I don't know what I would have done had I not been referred to Kathy and Ellen. My first contact after leaving a voicemail for Kathy, was a return call from Ellen, on a Sunday morning -- she saved the day. I was in dire straights -- a family member had fallen and broken her hip, was hospitalized, and now needed almost around-the-clock home care until I could find an opening in an assisted living facility. I live in California, and all of this was happening in Maine. Ellen communicated with me daily, and provided all the information I needed about what to do, what to think, what things to have sent to my relative. Kathy communicated with me by email within moments of me sending an email to her. There are no words to describe how thankful I am to Kathy and Ellen, and their team of home-health aids who devoted their time and took such good care.” 

— Robin McIntyre, Aliso Viejo, CA

Mom could stay home. . .

How many ways can we say thank you? Your part in helping to fulfill Mom's last wishes to be home was huge. We as a family will always be grateful to you. Your kindness to us has touched our hearts.

-The Y. Family

Love to be Spoiled!

They always answered every question I had about my care and delt with the insurance companies for me, and have always been there when I needed them, they sure do spoil me!!


Thank You. . .

We are very pleased with the care Cindy has given us!